This Address: 1900 Minnesota Ave, Unit 11, Duluth, MN 55802

Housing Emergencies (water leaks, etc…) David Hillila- 715 392-3278

Call 911 for immediate safety issues!

Deanna Blue-218 626-5999 or Donald Marpe 218 720-2932 Condo Association Treasurer, Condo #2


Do not put nails or screws in walls or hang any pictures. Putting nails or screws in walls could puncture hidden water lines or wiring. This can be extremely hazardous and/or costly.


Kayak & Canoe Storage is currently under the deck. Only use your own equipment.


BBQ Grill- is a natural gas grill. Be sure to clean on a regular basis to avoid grease fires. Turn any of the three burners   to high and push the igniter button to light. If the igniter quits working unscrew the igniter cover and replace the AAA battery. Be sure to turn all burners off when done cooking.


Fire Extinguisher- located outside of the door leading to the garage. Pull from wall and pull pin to use.


Lounge Chairs- Pads are located in the garage. Please store when not in use.


Deck Doors- To lock: lift handle and rotate knob clockwise. (The locks can be a little tricky sometimes, you may have to apply slight pressure in a pushing or pulling manner on the knob while rotating for proper operation.   To unlock: rotate knob (below handle) CCW.   To hold doors in the open position: Pull up on the handle to hold them locked open position. Push handle down to release the door from the open locked position.


Fireplace-Nothing flammable should be within 3 feet of the stove. There is a clamp on the rod for the drapes to keep the door drape at the proper distance from the fireplace. DO NOT MOVE THIS CLAMP!  The thermostat is on the wall between the TV and the guest bed. The fireplace is capable of heating the entire house. Keep this thermostat at or near 70 deg.  throughout the heating season and at night. Be sure to turn it way down while using air conditioning during warmer months


TV-Living Room- use LG remote to for all functions.  Volume options- use smart button on LG remote and select “settings”, then select “sound” (picture of speaker) and select “sound out” Select TV speaker for sound coming directly from TV using LG remote for volume control or select External speaker for wall speakers throughout the house. If using wall speakers you must also have the Yamaha amplifier on, set to “7 Channel stereo” using the program button on the amp and set input to “AV4 “ and use Yamaha remote to control volume.   You can play videos and your own music on the TV by installing a USB stick in the back left of the TV and selecting the correct input. Never disconnect current wiring configuration. TV is connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable. If you are unable to connect to the internet, select settings, select the picture of the world (“Network”). Use network status or network connections to connect to the wired network or wireless  Centurylink 4565. Wireless password for your other wireless devices is on the bottom of the router (key passphrase or admin password?) You can turn off speakers in any room by pushing one of the buttons on the speaker select box. To use DVD player: select the “smart” button, select “input list”,  select “HDMI1” and use Samsung remote to control. For X-box 360 select  “AV” from the input list. For TV channels select “TV” from the input list. You must have your own subscription for Netflix. Occasionally if a TV signal is weak it will automatically be un-installed from the TV. To re-install missing channels: Smart button, settings, channel (picture of satellite), auto tuning, and select start.


Radio/IPOD Listening-select input on Yamaha amp to “Tuner” or “Radio” on the remote.    To play Ipod or mp3’s plug Ipod into male jack above amplifier and select “audio1” as input. Using the tuner or mp3 activates the front center speaker. Be prepared to use the volume control on the center speaker or its remote as it sometimes starts at a higher/loud level.


Air Conditioning- Living room cooling is controlled by the remote in the guest bed. Press start/stop button and use select temp button to control temp. Master bed operates in the same manner.


Living Room Fan- wall switch, far right on wall near guest room entry must be on/up.  Use Haiku remote to control speed.


Master Bed Fan- activate power by switch near bed or door. Use remote for speed


Guest Room Fan operated by wall switch and pull chain on fan


Dishwasher- use far left ON/Off button, Select a cycle-Heavy or auto, etc.. then select an option, then select start.


Speedcook Oven/Microwave. Use metal tray(s) for speed cook functions and glass tray for microwave functions. NEVER USE METAL TRAY WHILE MICROWAVING! Instructions are in the drawer below oven.


Air Exchanger controls above kitchen sink and in bathrooms. (more instructions at a later date)


Hot Water Dispenser for tea and coffee to the back right of the kitchen sink.


Washer-only use he  type detergents.


Steam Room-adjust time and temp after you turn it on. Only needs 5 to 10 minutes to warm up.


Jacuzzi Tub- will operate (goes on by itself) for about 1 minute to blow/clean out the pipes after you are done using it. Ensure you drain the tub right away when finished. Use a spoon to remove drain for quick no problem draining.


Bedroom TV- To use the Smart/internet function press the multicolored cube. Use up/down , Left/right arrows to navigate along with ok/select  button in the center of the arrows.  To connect to wireless modem (if it is disconnected) select “menu”,  “network”, “network settings”, “start”, select your router  centurylink4565”, select WPS(PBC) on TV and then go into the living room and push the WPS button on the router.


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