311 E. Superior Street, # 805, Duluth, MN 55802  

Emergencies: See front desk or Oneida Realty  218 722-0816

Non-emergency: Contact the property manager that leased you the property.

Owner: David Hillila (715) 392-3278   Cell (218) 393-0890.  Email:

Make Checks Payable to: Waterfront Rentals 7865 S. Brill Rd, Superior, WI 54880


Entry and Parking:


Press either button on the Gray FOB remote to open the Parking Garage door on 3rd Ave E (1st driveway on right going up the hill). You may have to hold it near your windshield and push a button several times to get it to work.( if the FOB fails to work in several locations replace the battery with 1ea. 2025 battery)


Your reserved parking spot is stall #54 (#55 for an additional $100.00 mo.) This spot along with the guest spots are the only places you may park. For additional Parking you may park on the street (15 minute free parking/loading in front) or in the Pay Parking Ramp behind the Sheraton on 1st street. The Hotel will validate parking coupons for guests at the front desk.  Exit from the UL garage by simply driving up to the exit door (manual pushbutton next to the door in case you walked out to your car without bringing the FOB)


Wave the FOB over the little black box to gain entrance to the Condo elevators from the upper level parking garage . You can use the FOB at Keypad entrances or use the private security code you were given.  Do not change the entry code but you may call Oneida Realty 218 722-0816 to have your name entered in the entry keypad. Provide them with a telephone # so the pad rings your telephone or Cell phone. Add the phone# from the keypad to your contacts as “keypad”. Oneida sometimes charges for this service. You may be billed for the service if the name or phone is changed more than once during your lease period.


For outside food deliveries or to receive guests... your telephone will ring from the keypad. Talk briefly and then press “6” on the phone Keypad to buzz them in thru the security doors.  


The wheeled basket hanging between parking spots 54 and 55 is for your use to haul personal items or groceries to your unit.

Storage- is on the upper level between the elevators and garage door. Stall #21. The combination is listed on the condo info sheet.


Pool and Weight Room:


Open 24 hrs to Condo Guests. Use the Credit Card style key(s) marked “Sheraton Fitness” for access. If the key doesn't work have the front desk let you in or make you a new key.


Trash Chute:


Left in the Hall and 1st door on the right.


Living Room TV and Music:


13 local channels are available for free. For surround sound  Manually turn on the Yamaha Receiver by pushing the “Main Zone ON/OFF” button. Turn the Input Knob to: DTV/CBL for TV,   DVD to play CD's or DVD's, V-AUX for MP3's, TUNER for Radio. Use the “speakers” button to control various surround sound, master bedroom & bath speakers. The “program” knob is best when set to 7ch stereo. 2 Roku devices are attached to the Living Room and Master Bed TV’s. You will need a good wireless signal to access Netflix, etc… from this source.


Back Bedroom TV/DVD:


Use the red power button on the bedroom remote to turn the bedroom TV on. If the TV does not come on push the TV button. To Play DVD's, push the YpbPr1 button. To return to TV push TV button.  


Master Bedroom/DVD:  


Use remote in the bedroom to control channels and TV functions.  For DVD use the TV remote to select Menu, External Inputs and Video 1.  




You may get some service from Carmodys across the street or by selecting “wireless” as your Wifi source. The Hotel Lobby has free wireless. Ask the front desk if you need help connecting.


Laundry, Towels and Sheets:


***Important: only use “he” type detergent in the washer!! Make sure the detergent has the “he” logo on it.


Notify David Hillila at (715) 392-3278 or (218) 393-0890 of all broken or damaged furniture, appliances and accessories


Steam Room in Master Bath:


No excessive weight or rough play on steam room bench. It will come off the wall.


Food and Beverage:    


For Sodas & Candy use Hotel elevator. Candy- floor 2,  Pop/Ice floors 3 & 4

Condo ‘room service’ is available 7 a.m.—11 p.m.  Please allow 45-minutes.  Alcohol beverages are not available. 218.733.5660  Menu's are located in the far right drawer in the cabinet under the large LR Masks.

Private party catering: We would be delighted to cater a party in your home or in a meeting room.  Alcoholic beverages may be served in the meeting room.  Call 336.2703 to request a catering menu.


Houskeeping by the Sheraton Hotel:


Service includes kitchen, living/dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms and interior windows. 218 336-2713.      

24-hour advance notice is requested.  $35/hour Priorities are: Kitchen, Floors & Baths

Deep Cleaning: Includes above services; appliances and cupboard cleaning and carpet/upholstery shampooing (additional charge for upholstery cleaning).  $50/hour


Dry Cleaning:


Available Monday-Friday.  Please drop articles at the front desk by 8 a.m.  They will be ready for pick-up by 6 p.m.  The Sheraton Hotel guest rate will be extended.




Electrical: hanging light fixtures, repairing electrical cords, plumbing: Clearing of clogs in accessible pipes, Garbage disposal repair. HVAC cleaning and inspection, heavy lifting and furniture moving.  $50/hour


Sheraton Shuttle Service:


Available upon request (5-mile radius).  Hours: 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. daily.  $5/one way. Most drivers won't/don't charge or bill to the room so please tip well. Airport: $20 one-way 218.733.5660 or cell phone 218 260-5180


Business Office:


Computer, fax, printing and other services available for a fee.

Appliance manuals & condo rules/info: located in the front guest bedroom dresser (lower drawers)


Kitchen Table:


Additional leafs for the table are located under the Bed in the Master bedroom. I believe they are lightly marked to match locations on the bottom of the table.



Microwave/Speedcook oven:


Use the glass tray only for Microwave functions!!! Use the black metal tray for speedcook functions.




The switch to the left of the mantel turns on the fireplace.


BBQ Grill:


This is a natural gas grill. Never connect a propane grill to the natural gas fitting on the building. Turn "on" the valve on the building to use Grill and turn off when not in use. Grill cooks very hot so lower settings work best. A stiff breeze may blow out the flame from time to time so keep an eye on your food.




To avoid the loss of any deposit it is a good idea to take photos of the condo, any damages, and all accessories when you first lease the condo. Use your photos to return all furniture and accessories to its original order. Do not put any holes in walls as there may be a sprinkler system or wiring you could puncture. A $80 charge may be applied for re-connecting, TV’s, Stereos, Electronics to their original state. A $45 an hour fee will charged for labor for any time required to return the condo to its original state.





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