Wieland Block Condo, 26 E. Superior St, Suite 405, Duluth, MN 5580




1st floor box 5 (405)


Fire Extinguisher:


Take a right out the unit door to the end of the hall. Extinguisher is on the right. Become familiar with it’s location on your 1st day leasing.


Rooftop Deck:


(currently closed/under construction). Bring your FOB. Exit stair door near the fire extinguisher and go up two floors. You will need your FOB for Entrance.




Kept in laundry room cabinets. Please wash all sheets, towels and bedspread before vacating premises.




The condo stays very warm without any heat so set the    mode switch to off to save $$ and energy. Should you need the air-conditioner set the mode button to cool and use the arrow buttons to select the desired temperature.




Is in cabinet next to the fridge.




(no phone service, just internet) 218 722-2512




Are exactly the same in both rooms and are connected to the internet. Living Room TV is connected through the receiver so the power on LG and Yamaha remotes must be switched on and the input button must be set to AV4 (TV button on Yamaha remote) and program button must be set to 5 CH Stereo (music button on remote). 5 Ch stereo setting enables music to all available speakers. Volume control for each room is located on top of the receiver. There are only 4 to 6 local channels available. For more local channels you must pay and subscribe to cable. To access smart TV functions press the home button. You must subscribe to Netflix to access any Netflix programs. Do not use the owners account which may originally be available. Use the center roller button on the LG remote as the enter button. The Web browser accesses the internet. If you need to Reset the internet connection on the TVs. Select the “home” button, Select the “settings” wheel (upper right of screen), select “network”, select “wi-fi connection”, select “Connect via WPS PBC” for Centurylink 0345 and push the WPS button on the router located on the kitchen countertop within 60 seconds.




You can play your music by plugging a USB into the back of the TV or and leave receiver on AV4 by selecting the “input” button (top right of screen) and selecting the correct input. You can also connect your phone, USB or Ipod to the front of the receiver but you must change the input button on the receiver to V-Aux or USB. Always make sure to reset program to 5 CH stereo. Select the “radio” button on the Yamaha remote for local radio stations. Never have the volume on the receiver below -25. That is the point at which the neighbors can hear.


Fireplace: is turned on by the Thermo remote


A Must Not:


Do not put any hooks or nails in the walls. You could puncture hidden sprinkler lines or wiring.


Lights and Fans:


All lights are dimmable. Hold one of the round buttons down to dim or brighten lights on both fans. The small black dots on the fan remotes are different speeds. Turn off fans by pressing square. Reverse direction by pressing bottom arrows.


Parking Spot:


#13 is the only indoor spot you may park in. On street parking and covered parking behind the tech center is always available




There are 4 security pads where guests can buzz the condo. 1-skywalk entrance, 2-Michigan street entrance small door East of the large garage door, 3-Superior Street entrance, 4-Fourth floor entrance.

Anytime you walk out of your condo door be sure you have your FOB with you. To let someone in after being “buzzed” press the talk button followed by the key button to unlock the doors. These locks are very fast so the guest must open the door immediately after you press the key button. If you get locked out the security desk next to Pizza Luce may or may not be able to help you. Security Guard phone #218 625-1018


Skywalk-3rd floor:


Check hours of operation on skywalk posters. Skywalk leads to the DECC, Movie Theaters, Shops & Restaurants.




There will be a $40 an hour charge to return condo to the state you received it in should you fail to do so. You are responsible for an outgoing clean and returning furniture and electronics to their original setup.


A photo inventory has been taken of all items supplied with the condo. Please be careful not to take anything that is not yours. You will be charged for the items and the time required to supply any new inventory.


We hope you enjoy your stay in beautiful downtown Duluth.


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